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Here are some opportunities in Computer Science that might interest you. Up for the challenge?


For high school students, all genders
  •  A challenge for learners who can use a programming language like Scratch, Python, Java, C++ or Delphi.
  • Selected participants are entered into the International Olympiad in Informatics.
  • Find an Hour of Code event near you!
  • One-hour tutorials for everyone to learn to code.

Google Code-In 

  • Work on student-sized tasks on real Open Source projects!
  • Get to know how developers work while completing the tasks you choose

Google Science Fair 

  • Online Science Fair for students 13-18 from around the world
  • Think about how you can use Computer Science to make the world better

Imagine Cup Earth 

  • Learn to code with NASA!
  • Join this competition for students 6-18. You don’t need to know how to code!


  • Coding tutorials for ALL ages. 
  •  Create games or design your own art using computer science!
Advanced students
All genders
  • As a university student, you can spend your summer doing Open Source development, sponsored by Google!
  • Work on a project you love together with mentors that help you make the best of this real-world experience.

Google Hash Code

  • Team up to solve real-world engineering problems from Google.

Standard Bank IT Challenge

  • The Challenge aims to show both programming ability and teamwork with limited resources.
  • Teams need to include members from both genders and at least one member from a historically disadvantaged background.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 

  • Practice your coding skills in an international widely-recognised competition
  • Get the chance to travel around the world to compete in the final rounds.
  • Practice your coding skills on periodical challenges


  • Find basic university courses of everything in Computer Science! 
  •     Design, mobile apps, web development, algorithms, coding and more!

Google Code Jam 

  • Practice your coding skills by competing against other students around the world
  •     Learn how to build fast and secure code!

Google BOLD Immersion EMEA 

  • Travel to a Google office for a week and learn about the tech industry
  •     Meet other students from around the world that share your interests
  • International Hackathon for undergraduate students around the world, all expenses paid!
  •     Meet students like you and learn new technologies from top companies
Opportunities for women


  • Community that empowers women in Computer Science and seeks to make the industry more gender-inclusive
  • You can join their ambassador program and represent She++ in your university

One Month 

  • Scholarships for web development courses to be completed in one month
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to help you learn a new technology while creating a project

Rails Girls 

  • Ruby on Rails workshops for women.Get started with web development!
  • Think about how you can use Computer Science to make the world better


  • Learn web technologies like HTML, Ruby, Python or JavaScript using an easy interactive environment 
  •  Learn how to build a website or a youtube-based app for free

“Learn IT, Girl” 

  • Mentoring program for females all over the world.
  • Learn the technology you want by building a project you choose with the help of a mentor! 


  • ACM sub-community that aims to support female students and researchers in Computer Science
  • They provide travel grants for women to attend research conferences


  • Online community founded by Dr. Anita Borg to find support as a woman in Computer Science
  • Find resources, opportunities and a support network around you!


  • Mentorship group for women interested in Python in the Open Source community
  • Think about how you can use Computer Science to make the world better

Women Who Code 

  • Community of women interested in technology
  •     Find interesting resources and find meetings in your area!

Grace Hopper Conference 

  • Attend the biggest conference for women in computing!
  • The Anita Borg Institute, Google, Facebook and others provide scholarships for students to attend!

 Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship 

  • Apply for a Google scholarship for women in computing with good academic results and a passion for CS
  • Work on lowering the gender gap in Computer Science and be part of the incredible scholars community

Pass-It-On Awards

  • Apply for an Anita Borg Institute Award for women in computing
  • The award comes with the moral obligation to pass it on and help more women around you


  • Django workshops for beginner female programmers around the world!
  •  Find a workshop near you and learn web development from scratch

Google Conference Grants for females 

  • Apply for a scholarship to attend one of the selected conferences
  • Meet other people just like you and get inspired!

Rails Girls Summer of Code 

  • Spend your summer making an Open Source project of your choice in Ruby on Rails
  • Work together with an experienced mentor that will help you with your project

 Grace Hopper Conference Scholarship 

  • Apply to get a travel and conference grant to attend Grace Hopper Conference in the US
  • Meet other women in computer science, get inspired and learn more about the different paths in CS

ACM-W Scholarships 

  • Attend a research conference thanks to ACM-W
  • Learn more about research and find out what’s being done in the areas you are interested in

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