Quantum Computing Talk

Quantum Computing has been a buzzing topic in tech industry causing disruption in the conventional computing because of it’s potential to process tasks so much faster.

On Saturday, the 15th of August, we (in collaboration with Developer Student Clubs – University of Cape Town) hosted a Quantum Computing Webinar presented by Amira Abbas, a research intern at IBM.

The quantum computing field is a complicated field to be in, which is currently being dominated by the technical heavyweights such as IBM and Google. IBM acknowledges that the subject may seem daunting to outsiders looking in, which is why they decided partner up with our society to show student developers how cool it can be by providing more exposure to it.

During the webinar, Amira broke down the myth that classical computers are in danger of being replaced by the topic at hand. Also pointing out that there are other alternative methods of computation out there like neuromorphic computing and 3D hybrid computing.

We also were introduced to the concept of qubits (the basic unit of quantum information) along with the mechanics and mathematics involved powering quantum computing. The talk was closed with an insight into quantum machine learning.


To further explore more and get involved with Quantum Computing, check out these resources and institutions:

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