2023 Winter Break the rules

A big thank you to @AllanGray, @Electrum, @FNB, @FullStack, @GirlHype, @JaneStreet, @Mohara, @Soliditech, @Quantium and @Yellow for attending this year’s winter BTR event. BreakTheRules was started by the UCT Developer Society UCT and is an annual event where members get to engage with leading tech companies in South Africa. Our members were presented with the opportunity to network and build connections with potential employers whilst learning more about the graduate programs and internships these companies have too available.

Thank you to @uctdevelopersoc for collaborating with us to execute this successful event and thank you to our members for attending. We look forward to seeing you at the next break the rules 🙂

#networking #developercommunity #techcompanies

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