Our Story

Mentoring younger students, particularly women, is not only challenging but inspiring. Being a woman in Computer Science, in a heavily male dominated field, is often a challenging experience. It is not unusual for a woman to find herself undermined by her classmates, just because she doesn’t fit the stereotypical “Computer Science” mould.

In conversation with senior women students in the Department, one often finds that they have had a journey of nearly quitting Computer Science. This was, nearly always, preempted by having spoken with other women students or lecturers, who encouraged them to continue, and reassured them, that they were in fact capable of pursing a Computer Science degree.

This begged the question, “How many female students would have continued and pursued a degree in Computer Science degree, had there been some form of encouragement and mentoring available?” In response to this, WICS  was started in 2011 by some postgraduate students and was officially recognized to be a UCT society in 2015. 

Our Objectives

We strive to gather the women in the department together to encourage conversation, support, mentorship and ultimately aid in increasing the female population of the department.

Meet Our Team

The WICS executive committee  of 2021 comprises of UCT students
Joelle Behoor

I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Business Science in Analytics. I’m a big data enthusiast, the analysis of the data and the opportunity it has to give insight into transparent and simpler products excites me ! I also feel strongly about imposter syndrome and the boundaries it has on females in STEM .

Rachel Chatsika

I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Engineering specializing in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am a mobile application development enthusiast who likes catching up on current economic and tech affairs in her spare time.

Mahima Daya

I am Mahima Daya, a 4th year Zimbabwean, Business Science student, studying Honours in Information Systems at the UCT Commerce Faculty. I find myself in the service of others when taking up leadership roles and I strive to take up a lead job title in the digital world as a female leader. I am fascinated by the ever changing technologies and how it is creating a positive impact during this digital era. My additional interests include coding for fun, playing piano and keeping fit.

Shameera Cassim

I’m currently in my second year of Electrical & Computer Engineering and am passionate about using technology to bring people together and make lives easier. I believe the future is what we make of it and that more diversity in STEM and problem solving related fields is important in producing the best possible solutions to any problems.

Azande Mthiyane
Outreach Director

I am doing a BCom in Information systems. I love doing research about new emerging technologies. After graduation I would love to work in the finance sector probably a bank, delivering simpler financial solutions to the general public using current technology and knowledge.

Ruth-Anne Nziramasanga
Marketing & Communications

I am currently doing my BSc in Computer Science and Business Computing. I’m planning on venturing into Data science afterwards. I’m passionate about empowering women to embrace their individuality and unique voice in such a male dominated field.