Music As Medicine

On the 22nd of April 2020, we hosted a Music as Medicine Tech Talk which allowed our members to find out more about the role of Artificial Intelligence in music.

We have seen how artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated through many industries through the creation of automated services, the discovery of patterns as well as incredible insights of enormous datasets! AI has transformed how businesses are run and now the time has come to see the impact AI will have on the music industry.

Music allows us to connect with one each other in ways we don’t expect. Whatever genre you prefer, whether it be classical, rhythm & blues, soul, pop, etc. music has the power to make us feel things. Music can take us back to those nostalgic moments we may have forgotten about, coping through difficult times, bringing forth messages through social movements or even restore hope for the future.

Keeping the power of music in mind, can you imagine the wonders that the infusion music and AI could have! AI has the ability to change how we as humans create and consume music. The following video is a TedTalk which was played during the webinar:

The talk was presented by Natalie R – an innovator and inventor who was recently accepted to Stanford University. She is First National
Bank’s only black female 1st place prize Innovation winner for 4 years standing; winning the 1st ever Innovation prize at the age of 23. Additionally, she leads Woman in AI SA Education Stream, and if her achievements weren’t already enough for you.. she also has a PhD: Passion for HER Development!

The talk was concluded by a featured performance by 2 members of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

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